Doctor Testimonials

We value comments and feedback from referring doctors and staff to help us continually improve our service.  Please share your comments and suggestions using our Doctor Feedback Form. Unless you enter identifying information on the form, all submissions will be anonymous and we appreciate your honest feedback to help us continually improve our service.  No information that you share with us will be posted on this website or other printed or electronic materials without your consent.

One Patient’s Comment

“Everything was just great at my visit.  You know, people like to make fun about how horrible root canals are, but I’ve had worse visits to the barber!  My dentist made absolutely the right decision sending me to you for my root canal.” — William F.

Doctor Comments

“I have the utmost confidence that when I send a patient to Dr. Widmer for specialized care, that they are getting the best treatment that they possibly can receive.  Dr. Widmer is not only great about his treatment, he is also wonderful in his communication with me and with my patients. I really appreciate the way that he stays current on continuing education and treatment techniques.  I always know that my patients are in good hands when I refer them to his care.” — Spencer Lloyd, D.M.D.

 “Our office has sent Dr. Widmer some very challenging cases and he never lets us down. Our patients have been very positive about their experience with Dr. Widmer and his staff.” — Eric Asay D.D.S.

“Dr. Widmer provides the very highest in clinical care for the patients I have referred.  More importantly, his compassion and dedicated professionalism are evident by the countless number of positive comments I receive from patients post-treatment.  I practice in a rural area, and most specialists are 2-3 hours away.  Dr. Widmer’s staff and office have made special accommodations for my patients that make life as a rural practitioner easier.” — Sean A. Benson, D.D.S.

“I love it when my patients see Dr. Widmer.  They come back to my office with a greater understanding of why they need a crown on the tooth.  My patients are much more likely to accept treatment when they return from a visit to his office.” — Ruston R. Munk, D.M.D.

  “I’ve enjoyed  sharing patients with Dr. Widmer since his arrival in Caldwell.  As a matter of fact, the first time I met him in my office, I handed him a PA of a failing RCT with a post and a broken file in the apical 1/3 and said, ‘Would you like to try this one?’  He handled it and I believe it was his first case.  Since then I have used him almost exclusively and am very pleased with his work.  I especially like his tendency to pick up the phone and call when there’s a question on a case and which way we want to proceed.  He’s young, sharp, hard-working and dependable.  To have him in Caldwell along with a good oral surgeon completes this area’s needs for superior dental health care. ” — William Jeppe, D.M.D.

“One of the most frustrating  aspects of General Dentistry is when a long-time patient who has been referred to a specialist for treatment returns with a comment such as, ‘I never want to go there again!’  Patients trust our judgment in referral and some of that trust is lost if they have not had a good referral experience.  This has not been the situation with patients I have sent Dr. Widmer’s direction.  In fact, they often come back with words of appreciation for Dr. Widmer’s professionalism and technical ability.  Dr. Widmer has been a great addition to the wonderful group of dental specialists we have in the Nampa/Caldwell area, for which I am thankful.” — Michael W. Benedick, D.D.S.

“Communication skills are the #1 compliment I have for Dr. Widmer, and I mean communication with patients and with referring doctors.  Many times, as a referring dentist, I have questions regarding treatments, alternatives with referred cases, and my own endodontic difficulties in my practice.  He has always taken the time to discuss questions and give advice.  My patients have been very satisfied with his treatment, and success rates are impressive.”  — David G. Smith, D.D.S.

“We have never had an endodontist in Caldwell for nearly all of the 31 years I have practiced here.  I do a lot of endo and I like it.  I have also realized that there are times when the talent of the endodontist is needed.  Recognizing when to refer is critical to the patient’s well-being, not to mention your own avoidance of heartburn when things go wrong or something untoward happens in treatment.  Dr. Widmer has a great communication ability, is very knowledgeable, and is kind to the patient.  It is noteworthy that he takes pains to explain situations to the patient without trashing anyone.  If you see a difficulty in a potential endo treatment, ask yourself the most important question- How would you want to be treated if it were your tooth?  Upper molars… if you don’t find the 4th canal, evaluate and refer.  Life is too short to create your own problems later.  Stanton is the go-to guy.  He is here in Caldwell and we all should use him.  His fees are reasonable and the care he provides exceeds that of many others.” — John D. Blaisdell, D.D.S.

“When a patient of mine needs root canal treatment requiring special diligence, Dr. Widmer consistently produces excellent work.” —Patrick Waite, D.D.S.