How Referring Benefits Your Patients and Practice

Referring patients to an endodontist for root canal treatment benefits your patients and your practice.  Key findings from several nationwide surveys conducted between 2008 and 2011 indicate the following:

  • Happy patients are more loyal to their dentist as evidenced by more repeat visits and stronger patterns of referring family and friends.
  • 80% of American adults fear the dentist.
  • Root canal treatment is the most feared dental procedure.
  • When a dentist refers a patient to an endodontist, 90% of those patients end up satisfied.
  • Endodontic treatment is significantly more successful when performed by an endodontist.
  • 87% of dentists reported the work performed by endodontists was worth the cost (this includes areas where initial molar endodontic treatment costs $1300 – $1700).
  • The average dentist refers about 50% of patients who need endodontic treatment to an endodontist.
  • One out of four dentists refer more than 90% of patients who need endodontic treatment to an endodontist.

We value your role as the treatment manager for your patients.  By referring patients to our office, you show personal concern that your patients receive the highest quality endodontic care and an outstanding treatment experience.  Your referral provides us an opportunity to reassure patients regarding your diagnosis and treatment plan and to make positive comments regarding the quality of your work.  Patient confidence in you increases as they hear another dental professional confirm your recommendations.  Patients appreciate knowing you have partners who specialize in more complex procedures and they are comforted by knowing they are getting the best possible care for their particular dental situation.  When we complete treatment, we contact your office to schedule your patient’s visit for their restorative treatment.  We send reports of treatment by email or mail the business day following treatment and we invite your interaction anytime by phone or personal visits at your convenience.

We want to help your practice thrive.  Knowing that satisfied patients are the key to your continued success, we want to create situations where your patients are most likely to be happy with you as their dentist.  Often when patients need endodontic treatment they are fearful and in pain.  This can significantly decrease their pain threshold and make it more likely they will have an unpleasant treatment experience.  When patients are referred to our office, the overwhelming majority report being pleasantly surprised and satisfied with their treatment experience.  For those few patients who may not be satisfied, your referral to our office often preserves their good feelings toward you since an unpleasant experience did not occur in your office.  Keeping your patients satisfied is extremely likely when you make the choice to refer.

Referring your patient to us for endodontic treatment can save your patients and you time and money.  We can complete most endodontic treatment in one visit to help your patients avoid additional expenses from travel and missed work.  The high success rate of endodontic treatment provided by an endodontist gives you a solid foundation on which to build your restorative work, thereby reducing the likelihood of future complications and costs.  We refer patients back to your office for needed restorative treatment as quickly as your schedule allows.  By referring your patient to our office quickly, you can avoid the costs associated with starting treatment that you later decide to refer, which often results in patient frustration in addition to the costs of rendering that treatment without billing for a completed procedure.

For specific information to help you increase your skill and confidence in providing your patients with successful and pleasant endodontic treatment experiences, please click here.